The Chelsea Apartments Web Site

The Chelsea Apartments is a website commissioned by MLC and Trevor Osborne Group to market the construction of 24 apartments and 1 stunning penthouse.

This is an amazing new development in the heart of Chelsea and offering luxurious fittings and fixtures, charming balconies and contemporary instant laons design throughout.

The design idea was to collect all the relevant information regarding the location, specification of the apartments and the high class area which is Chelsea. We wanted to create an interactive eye catchy website and to accomplish the task we created a parallax website. A parallax function means the screen moves right to left with the help of the mouse and then different object will appear a long the screen in different levels of depth .

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Bellow I show you a few screen shoots from the web site.

Title sequence

This title sequence was a project from university which I always been very proud. It was a mixture of using different creative software including Autodesk 3D Studio Max consolidated loan calculator for the begining of the title sequence, Photoshop to edit all the assets in terms of still images, Soundbooth for the audio and After effects to collate everything together. The inspiration came from the title sequences from marvel movies.

It was a long process but very fulfilling after the result was done.

Laboratory Coll Garces Barcelona

Laboratory Coll Garces Barcelona cash iphone was a project commissioned by cocoarchitets to lilly cialis create  a new space for a new floor in the same building were the old laboratory is now. The main idea was the distribution of the different areas including a waiting area, reception desk, laboratory room, director and administration office.

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