Green Candle Dance Web Site

Green candle Dance Company is one of the UK’s leading dance companies known for the high quality and originality of its work involving both young and older people with and without disabilities.

They need it a complete redesign of their web site reflecting their innovative work through all these years.

The key deliverables for the project were the redesign of the website to give an up to date feel with the new trends in the web, social networking widgets, content management system (CMS) to be fully managed by the client, sign up option for a newsletter including the design to be linked with their last projects or news, shop online to sell their products and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to bust their popularity in the public sector.

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Cocoarchitects Web Site

Cocoarchitects is a young studio based in London and Barcelona.

Their design philosophy is based on an architectural instrumental set-up with an integral of human interaction, spatial qualities, architectural performance, environment, production, material specifications, and technology.

They use an ongoing learning architectural process capable to re-adjustment and adaptation.

Cocoarchitects wanted to redesign their web site with the option of adding and removing projects, videos, etc. ….without needing the help of the developer. I suggested incorporating a content management system (CMS), with the CMS Cocoarchitects could use the social networking widgets to have comments from users and rate their projects to enhance their popularity and attract more clients.

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Rolf Benz Linea

Rolf Benz is one of the best known manufacturers and marketers of premium upholstered furniture in Europe.

The company was founded in 1964 in Nagold, Germany. Nowadays, the company is apply for a small loan active in more than 50 markets worldwide.

Rolf Benz Linea is a personal project. Everything was developed from scratch , the concept of the room is from Rolf Benz 2010/2011 Brochure. Some of the items are different from the actual model like the picture, the background because I always like to give my own special touches to the visualizations so they are not exact copies from the original.

Harvey Nichols OXO Tower

OXO Tower is one of the restaurants from Harvey Nichols

On the eighth floor of an iconic building, located on the South Bank of the Thames in London, OXO’s spectacular 250-foot terrace offers breathtaking views of the city. They refurbished the restaurant after been opened for unsecured cash loan 15 years to give more live to the bar and offer to their guest the change to enjoy the front views which are wonderful.

Before the terrace floor was covered with stone square slabs of about 1 meter long. They decided to add some artificial grass and remove the slabs to bill consolidation loans bad credit give a different look to the terrace.

The aim of these visualizations were to see how it will be the final look with the artificial grass and they we could maximized the amount of covers adding different types of tables. These project was for me very challenging because all the different items on the scene have to be modeled from scratch and took me some time specially the furniture.

These visualizations have different types of light because the building is expose to the sun light from the afternoon to the evening . The light greenwoods personal credit color change in intensity and color depending of the time of the day and as a result it makes a completely different atmosphere inside of the building.

The Fitzrovia Apartments Brochure

The Fitzrovia Apartments Brochure was one of the marketing tools for MLC to advert this amazing loans no credit check direct lenders apartments to their customers, agencies and businesses related with the property development. The brochure is a complete guide showing the specifications, floor plans, location and facilities of Fitzrovia area in London.