Southbank Concrete Building

Southbank Concrete Building is a project which I started after spending 16 years in London and walking almost every day to work in that beautiful part of London, the Southbank. You can see parts of the river Thames, National Theatre, concrete texture, night lights and so on. I am very happy with the result of this projects because transmit the look and feel I was looking for the images.



Aerial Campus Scene – Post-production Breakdown

This projects was creating and rendering an Architectural Night Scene in 3D Max, V-Ray and Photoshop. Following my work flow I achieved to create the last image of the breakdown.

Then I created a slide show, showing all the steps I took to finish the project with the solution of this great night picture.

I also added to start a title sequence with my credits and a soundtrack which is The Black Dog And The Scottish Play from Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson & Sigur Rós – Angels Of The loans tucson Universe. I hope you enjoy the process and the most important the solution.

Yeti Camper System Web Site

Yeti Camper System is a team of professionals in the world of technical development.

The aim of this web site will be for them to have a digital image on the web.  Trough the web site they will be launching their first product which is a central heating that manage to create heat and hot water using the heat emitted by the motor . Their target audience will be the adventure camper universe related with vans and vehicles campers.

the web site will be a good start for them to start been recognize by their target audience and slowly increase the amount of product with the aim of create an on-line shop.

The website has been created with a WordPress content management system (CMS) to be fully managed by Yeti Camper System and upload the new products. I also included a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to bust the site popularity in the public sector.






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Stani Visciano Web Site

Stani Visciano is a professional photographer located in London.

My client need it to have a portfolio on-line to showcase his work and be more approachable at the time of advertising himself to new client.

The web site is very simple cheap secured loans but efficient to full fill the purpose of my brief.

One intro page where Stani’s present himself, the gallery page where the web site showcase his work and have the option of  a filter button for the user to minimise his choice and a contact page for users to send emails for quotes or to discuss projects further.

The website has been created with a WordPress content management system (CMS) to be fully managed by the Stani’s and upload the new projects. I also included a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to bust the site popularity in the public sector.

To finalize I designed the business cards as a marketing tool to complete the brief of my client.




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Yoigo Atarfe Web Site

Yoigo Atarfe is a mobile commercial real estate loans interest rates phone operator with a network of its own in Spain.

My client sells yoigo products therefore he need it a website to show their gold viagra different tariffs and offers for a variety of clients

With the help of the web site my client want it to increase their sales making them more visible in the area where the shop is located and more important outside of their area to a more broad target audience

The key deliverables for cash iphone the project were the design of the website to give an up to date feel with the new trends in the web, social networking widgets, content management system (CMS) to be fully managed by the client and update the new offers and promotions and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to bust their popularity in the public sector.


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