The Milton Bar and Restaurant

February 11, 2016  |  Animation, Visualization
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The Milton in inner Melbourne bay side suburb Elwood, nails that for its local community-minded and design aware demographic.  A quality akin to “the refinement of an up-market restaurant but with a more understated urban feel” in its carriage, is omnipresent in The Milton’s wine bar and complementary food offer.


The Milton poetically combines “old and new elements, organic and manufactured materials, hard and soft textures” in a timeless way. It’s an approach that’s mindful of maximising a venue’s longevity for the client.


hospitality design and its offer must be responsive to the idiosyncratic clientele requirements in any given locale, yet have the flexibility and timelessness to adapt as needed


Bespoke wall and pendant lighting is designed and crafted locally by Biasol: Design Studio and positioned to balance “focusing on the detail while giving enough light at the right height and where its needed,” Biasol says. An LED strip running under the dropped bar bench is one such treatment used to accentuate the imperfection of the handmade concrete tiles, whereas wall lights punctuating the brick wall, instils “a sense of intimacy.”


The spatial arrangement is cognisant of how locals might engage with the space yet inherently flexible to cater for the differing usage patterns of weekday and weekend trading. For example, bar stools along the 7.5m bar can be removed for busier Friday and Saturday evening bar trading, and returned to keep things cosy during quieter times. And should the locals opt for the wine or food offer more or less, the solution allows for the amping up or paring back of one or the other.


Retention of the building’s front façade and restoration of the internal original brick walls evokes a sense of “familiarity” for the locals. And while the timber clad, visually impactful extension intends to take patrons on a journey, its pitched roof and fireplace, could just as well be a new addition to an Elwood living room


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