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August 7, 2012  |  Web
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Green candle Dance Company is one of the UK’s leading dance companies known for the high quality and originality of its work involving both young and older people with and without disabilities.

They need it a complete redesign of their web site reflecting their innovative work through all these years.

The key deliverables for the project were the redesign of the website to give an up to date feel with the new trends in the web, social networking widgets, content management system (CMS) to be fully managed by the client, sign up option for a newsletter including the design to be linked with their last projects or news, shop online to sell their products and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to bust their popularity in the public sector.

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  1. Highly affordable, Sunny Spell exceeded all expectations.
    As soon as we meet the team we knew that this was a forward thinking, creative agency that we wanted to work with. They produced an impressive new image for our company that has resulted in a massive boost of confidence to all our team and has immediately raise the company’s profile to a higher level. They team at Sunny Spell were enthused by the project taking loan calculator with interest great care to fully understand our needs and even proposed new ideas we didn’t even think about. They didn’t just take our word for what we thought should be included; they researched both on our clients and our competition and produced an outstanding piece of work always bringing their own creativity and solutions to the table. Their attention to detail is of fine art and communication was excellent all throughout the project (without using too much jargon making everything very clear and easy to understand). All alterations were done pretty much right away and both designers and developers were always readily available.

    I would highly recommend them. We are delighted!

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